Tekaf logo - registered trademark.

The front of the coffee-shop

welcome to TeKaf!

Welcome to Tekaf ! Coffee, tea, hot chocolate and maybe a slice of cake or a piece of chocolate!

Post card / business card - check out 5 other TeKaf designs here

Adverticing example displayed in the window and for the TeKaf website.

Another adventicing examblet - this were used as a window display. 

Graphic set up.

The cute TeKaf teddy was drawn by my talented daugther - check her work here!

Advertising for the local turist newpaper

Graphic set up, photo and text.

Bargins and events!
  Adverticing example printed in the local newspaper.

Graphic set up, and text.

TeKaf webshop animated banner

TeKaf webshop

The Tekaf website.

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